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Overview of Takstar Pro 80 closed headphones


Overview of Takstar Pro 80 closed headphones

Review of Takstar Pro 80 closed headphones


Takstar Pro 80 are closed-back circumaural headphones.

Why are they interesting?

These headphones use dynamic drivers with a diameter of 53 mm – the same as in the Takstar HI2050 model we have already reviewed. The headphones have a closed acoustic design, which provides good sound isolation in both directions – both “inside” and “outside”.

What’s in the box?

The delivery set of the Takstar Pro 80 is completely standard (of the useful things, only a screw-on adapter from a minijack to a standard large jack can be noted), except for a very nice hard case for carrying headphones.

What do they look like?

Overview of Takstar Pro 80-2 closed headphones

Takstar Pro 80 is generally similar to HI2050 – they have an identical design with durable metal forks. The cups have the same shape, but their outer side is not made of mesh, but is closed tightly. The color scheme is also different: instead of silver paint, the Pro 80 uses “radical black”. The headband is pasted over with soft leatherette both on the inside and on the outside.

What about convenience?

The design of the headphones is very comfortable. The cups do not press on the ears, and they can also rotate forward / backward by 15 degrees, adapting to the shape of the head. Unlike the Takstar HI2050, the Pro 80 uses leatherette ear pads (they provide better sound isolation), so the ears get hot after a while.

What do they sound like?

Despite the use of similar drivers, the Pro 80 sounds distinctly different from the HI2050. If the HI2050 sound is quite “dark” and “warm”, then the Pro 80, on the contrary, has a slight emphasis on high and medium frequencies. I would even say that there are too many high frequencies, there are sibilants. The headphones build a fairly wide (albeit two-dimensional) scene and have high sound detail, which makes it easy to detect defects in both the source and the recording.

For the sake of interest, I compared the Takstar Pro 80 with the Sony MDR-7506, which we reviewed recently. The Takstar headphones sound less tight in the mids, but the MDR-7506 reproduces a deeper and better articulated bass and does not “pop”. In addition, Sony headphones have a higher sensitivity and sound noticeably louder at the same output signal level at the source.


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